High-quality laboratory equipment to ensure accurate measurements

by jeet

The quality equipment used in the laboratory helps in the accuracy of measurements and assists in the correct analysis of results. Quality is a set of characteristics and features of the product that determine its suitability to meet the needs of customers. Various departments, including design, production, and quality assurance, are collectively responsible for the quality of the equipment or product. You can rely on Procurenet for high-quality products and equipment for your laboratory.

Five factors that determine the quality of the measuring device

Adequate design

The designer needs to ensure that the design of the product is perfect, meets the requirements of the customer, or suits the intended needs as per the given specifications.

Confirming the design

The design confirms the specifications after the production of the product. The quality assurance department ensures quality based on these parameters.


The product, which is produced after confirming the given specifications, should be available for end-use in sufficient quantity.

Reliability of the product

The product should perform under the specified operating conditions for a given period without any failures.

Easy maintenance

The product should be designed in such a way that maintenance is quick, easy, and available for use. The designer needs to develop the product with a modular structure to facilitate easy replacement of the defective component or mechanical item.

End of life

The manufacturer and designer need to design the products, systems, and equipment with components that will have a sufficient life, like 15 or 20 years. It means the designer needs to avoid using components that are either obsolete or whose production will be discontinued soon. On the other hand, the design should be in such a way that an alternate component or system can be designed as a replacement to extend the operation of the equipment or system. Therefore, Procurenet is your source for products or systems that will last longer without any performance issues.

Implementation of international quality systems

The equipment and systems used in the laboratory should comply with state and central regulations and quality standards to ensure repeated precision and accuracy without causing any damage to the end-user or end-user equipment. So, you need to follow international quality standards like ISO 17025:2017, ISO 15189:2022, and FDA 42 CFR Part 493 for laboratory equipment.

ISO standards provide criteria and guidelines for laboratory processes like personnel competency, documentation, calibration, testing, and overall quality control or assurance. Clinical and medical laboratories engaged in performing tests on humans need to ensure efficiency and safety. It should also produce reliable and accurate results.

Requirements mentioned in FDA 42 CFR Part 493 for regulation are proficiency testing, equipment calibration, quality assurance, complaint investigations, sample control procedures, test reporting, corrective and preventive actions, and personnel competency.


It is a legal requirement for most businesses. It also helps you optimize the production lines. Product traceability allows the tracking of inventory from end to end. Traceability is also ensured for finished products. The traceability program at the production facility provides historical information like inspection notes, suppliers, time spent at each workstation, manufacturing details, items, and distributors.

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